Understanding How To Work With Auto Dealers

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Finding a Used SUV That the Owner Traded in Relatively Quickly

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Most U.S. vehicle owners keep a new car for 6 12 years, but many trade them in much sooner. With the average annual mileage at about 13,500, consumers looking for a good pre-owned sport utility vehicle benefit when someone makes an early trade. Because of depreciation, the cost from a used SUV dealer will be substantially lower than its original price was just a few years ago. 1. Frequent Car Buying Read More»

New Audi? What You Need From Your Car Dealer

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If you love a particular make and model of vehicle, such as an Audi, you want to make sure you choose the best new Audi car dealer or other car dealer to have a great car-buying experience. It doesn’t matter if you have never bought a new car before or if you are returning to the same dealership to buy your new vehicle — when you go to the dealer of your favorite make and model of vehicle, make sure you know what to expect from your experience. Read More»