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Finding a Used SUV That the Owner Traded in Relatively Quickly

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Most U.S. vehicle owners keep a new car for 6 1/2 years, but many trade them in much sooner. With the average annual mileage at about 13,500, consumers looking for a good pre-owned sport utility vehicle benefit when someone makes an early trade. Because of depreciation, the cost from a used SUV dealer will be substantially lower than its original price was just a few years ago.

1. Frequent Car Buying

Trading in a new car so soon seems unreasonable to many consumers. Nevertheless, men and women who love driving a newer car believe this is worth the satisfaction they enjoy. They may get bored with driving the same model of vehicle for many years. Buying a new one is exciting and gives them the chance to experience something different. Some even trade every single year. Financial experts like to claim that multimillionaires are generally frugal and aren't the ones trading in cars so quickly. It's difficult to know how factual this is, but there certainly are exceptions. 

2. Finding the Right SUV

The Internet makes it easier than ever to watch dealership inventories and pounce when the right car appears on the lot. Consumers also can contact used SUV dealers and ask to be notified when their preferred type of vehicle arrives. They might ask a representative to email when the dealership has an SUV less than three years old and under a certain mileage amount. 

Unless the consumer has one or two specific models that are vastly preferred over others, doing some online research about the best options is advisable. Vehicle experts consider certain pre-owned SUVs to be much better buys. They look at safety features, reliability, expected lifespan, and ease of repair.

Reports of owner satisfaction also should be considered. A person in the market for a used SUV does not want a car someone traded because it has undesirable characteristics. Instead, this shopper wants to see high ratings for ride smoothness, backseat legroom, convenient cargo space, and other positive features.

3. Getting Started

Although finding a gently used SUV is easier when the list of acceptable makes and models is broad, consumers still should determine certain features they consider essential. This might include the size, gas mileage, and preferred colors. After the list of essential features is complete, it's time to contact a used SUV dealer. They can help match you with a car that meets your expectations.