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Reasons Campervans Are Better Than Motorhomes For Many Families

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Of the many types of recreational vehicles, two remain at the top of popularity rankings. These are camper vans and motorhomes. Both offer your family a way to enjoy the modern conveniences of home while also spending time surrounded by nature. However, there are many reasons camper vans have become the preferred option for many families. This article will discuss why they may be the better option for you and your family if you're in the market for a recreational vehicle. 

Camper Vans are Easier to Maneuver

Motorhomes are intimidating for those who aren't used to driving large vehicles. Not only are they exceptionally long, but they're wider and much taller than your personal vehicle. This means you have to judge everything in a whole new way while driving. You'll even need to make sure you're going to fit under small bridges, in parking garages, and even on private roads. However, driving a camper van is going to feel much like driving your personal vehicle, especially if you have a truck or family van. Not only will this prevent a lot of stress when going on family trips, but it can decrease the risk of accidents. Another important thing to keep in mind is a more maneuverable recreational vehicle, such as a camper van, can be taken to remote camping spots that larger vehicles can't access. 

Camper Vans are Cost Effective

There's no doubt that motorhomes are exciting to take trips in. However, your family may not get to go on nearly as many trips in a motorhome, because they can cost so much money to travel in. They use a lot of gas, you can be charged high fees for RV spots, and more. However, camper vans can take your family on those same exciting trips with smaller expenses along the way. They will use less fuel and this can lead to a lot of savings depending on the fuel costs in the areas you'll be driving through. Also, since they're smaller, you may pay less for spots to camp in, your insurance may be lower, and there will be less of the camper van to maintain. 

Camper Vans Can Be More Versatile

Motorhomes serve their purpose well. They're great for camping, and some people live in them full-time. However, when you have a camper van, it can offer you those options, as well as others. For example, it could make a great office space for you if you need an office on wheels. Also, it can be parked right in small driveways of friends or relatives when you travel to visit them. With all this information in mind, you may now see why you should purchase a camper van for your family.