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Choose Between An Open And Closed Trailer Model

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If you are contemplating the purchase of an open or closed trailer to haul materials essential for your job, you may be curious about the benefits associated with each trailer type. Consider the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of your tow vehicle and the types of items that you will haul when exploring open and closed trailer models.

Open Trailers

An open model is a trailer type that will not restrict the shape and height of the items that are hauled. Due to the omission of a ceiling and side panels, unevenly-shaped items can be stowed away in this type of trailer. An open trailer model can be used to tow vehicles, machinery, farming materials, or any other bulky items. Smaller items can fit inside of an open trailer, provided the trailer contains side rails to contain the materials.

If a lot of lightweight items will be towed, straps or another anchoring system can be utilized to secure the materials. An open trailer model will not protect materials from the elements. If items will be towed when it is raining or snowing, a tarp may need to be secured over the items being towed.

Closed Trailers

A closed model is a trailer type that contains four walls, a ceiling, and an interior floor. This type of trailer can be used to haul a smaller-sized vehicle, moderate-sized equipment, and odds and ends. This type of trailer is suitable for towing a series of equipment that will be kept on a job site. This is a trailer type that often contains a fully locking door. Due to the enclosed space where items are stored, expensive materials will stay concealed and will not be likely to be stolen from someone with ill intentions. 

GVRM, Flooring, And Tilt Options

The Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of a car, truck, or SUV that will be hauling a trailer should be assessed. This rating will determine how much weight can safely be towed. If the GVWR rating is not known, a vehicle owner can call the manufacturer of their vehicle to determine the GVWR.

The flooring within a trailer should be assessed. A metal or wood floor usually comprises both open and closed trailer models. The durability of a floor will depend upon the flooring material's thickness and design layout. Some trailers contain a tilt option. This option will allow an end-user to easily climb into their trailer and load and unload towable materials.

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