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Are You Looking For A Fun Vehicle For Your Summer Adventure?

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Maybe your everyday vehicles include a fancy sports car and an elegant sedan. Those are perfect for business use and for your social life, aren't they? However, if you're heading for the outdoors for your summer adventure, perhaps you are considering buying a more rugged vehicle. With that in mind, from buying a pre-owned jeep to taking bicycles along, here are some ideas that might help you.

A Pre-owned Jeep - Have you seen those old World War II movies or television shows, like Mash, that show Army personnel and the Allies driving around in jeeps? Even though they were about very serious business, perhaps you considered that driving that type of vehicle looked like nothing but fun. Now that you are planing a summer adventure, perhaps you're thinking about buying a jeep for your vacation.

Of course, you could buy a brand new jeep. If you have the cash, go for it. However, even if you're shopping on a bit of a tight budget, a pre-owned jeep will give you excellent service. These 4-wheel vehicles are great for off-road use because they're designed with excellent suspension features. It's true that riding in a jeep might be noisy and somewhat bumpy, but isn't that part of the fun? Once you get back to city life, the same jeep will give you a pretty smooth ride. Remember, though, that it won't be air conditioned like traditional cars are.

Bring Bicycles Along - Your jeep is strong enough to pull a small trailer. That's a good thing, since you won't have a lot of space for luggage and camping equipment. If you do pull a trailer behind your jeep, consider bringing bikes with you. Bikes will come in handy when you want to go on small trails in national parks and in other locations that have trails designed especially for bike riding. 

Maybe you're still considering where you'd like to go on your summer adventure. Consider places that will be conducive to both traveling in a jeep and getting to go on bike trails.For example, think big by heading to Kincaid Park in Alaska. Alabama has Tannehill Historic Ironworks State Park, which is gorgeous. Traveling in Arizona, Utah, and Colorado will also provide many places for both off-road trips in your jeep and trails where you can ride your bikes. 

No matter where you take your jeep and your bicycles, think of keeping a journal of your adventures, and taking lots of pictures. But that part is a given, isn't it?