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Considering A Used Motorcycle? 3 Important Things To Know

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Whether it is time for a replacement or you are buying your first one, the purchase of a motorcycle can be a challenging process. Not only will you need to decide on the style and type of bike, but you will also need to choose whether you want to buy new or used. Thankfully, help is available for anyone who is considering a used bike. With this guide, you will learn a few key tips to help you buy a reliable, affordable used motorcycle.

Private Versus Dealer

Even though you want to save money by buying used, you still have the choice of buying from a private seller or a dealership. Each option offers its own pros and cons, but it will be up to you which option you prefer.

If price is a concern, which it probably is, you could find the best deal by purchasing from a private seller. You also have the option of negotiating even further below the seller's asking prices.

Buying a used motorcycle from a dealership will cost you more, but there are benefits. Many dealerships will offer incentives, such as free maintenance for a period of time, financing, and a warranty, which can make the higher prices somewhat worthwhile.

Inspect and Test

You probably already know how important the test drive is no matter if you are buying from a private seller or dealership. However, if you do not have much experience with motorcycles, consider bringing a motorcycle enthusiast or mechanic along with you to inspect and test the bike before you buy.

One of the easiest red flags to see while inspecting the bike is visible rust and corrosion. This visible damage may seem to be only cosmetic, but it could mean there are underlying issues affecting the engine, which will be expensive to repair. Rust and corrosion could also mean the motorcycle was not properly maintained, which is another red flag.

Request Documentation

Both private sellers and dealerships should be able to provide you with documentation on the motorcycle.

If you are buying from a private seller, make sure to ask to see the title. If you do not have the title, you cannot register the bike in your name. Never assume or trust the seller to send the title after you make the purchase. This most likely means the seller will use the money you are buying the bike for to pay off the loan. If this is something you feel you need to do, make sure to get the agreement in writing and notarized.

Both private sellers and dealership should provide you with maintenance records, as well. These records show what was done to the bike as far as maintenance and repairs are concerned. If all services are documented, you know the motorcycle was maintained well. Contact a company, like Rancho Chevy & Cycle, for more help.