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3 Important Things To Ask When Buying Your Teen A New Car

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You and your child have anxiously awaited the day when they would become a driver for a lot of years. Now that they have their license, your next plan of action is to buy them their very first new car. This is a bit different than buying a car for yourself since you will be shopping with the wants of your new teen driver in mind. As you get ready to go on a car shopping trip to track down that very first vehicle, there are a few questions you should be going over in your mind to ask when your child finds something they like. 

What kind of gas mileage does the car get?

You may be concerned about gas mileage for your own vehicle, but considering the fact that your teen will probably log a lot more driving hours than you, it is really wise to make sure you go with a vehicle that is as fuel efficient as possible. It may even be worth considering a hybrid car that functions with both gasoline and electric for your teen driver just so they don't end up spending a small fortune on gas to keep them going.

Is there an authorized repair center nearby?

No parent wants to think that their child will wreck their first car, but chances are, they will at least have a minor fender bender at some point because of lack of experience.  Before you go with a specific model, make sure you find out f there is an authorized repair dealer that is close enough that it won't be a hassle if an accident does occur in the near future. If you get a vehicle that does not offer a local repair center, you don't want to be stuck having to find a way to get the vehicle delivered to some far-away place. 

Can you test drive the vehicle?

One of the most important parts of the buying process when getting your teen a vehicle is making sure that they are comfortable with the car. Therefore, it is an all-out must that your teen driver gets the chance to take the car for a spin before you commit to buying it. Even if you are buying the car as a surprise, make sure you go with a car model that they have some experience with driving so you know they will be able to easily handle the car. 

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