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Does Your UTV Really Need An Enclosed Trailer?

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Utility task vehicles (UTVs) are indispensable to many people thanks to their combination of comfortable seating for two and greater hauling capacity than you'd get from an all-terrain vehicle. While you can likely drive your UTV to many places near your property, eventually you'll need to haul it on a trailer instead for repairs or a distant adventure. You may think a basic open trailer is all you need, but the upgrade to an enclosed trailer is worth the extra cost in the following situations:

Competition Use

Do you enter your UTV into racing, rock crawling, or other intense competitions that require a lot of travel? Then you'll definitely want to prevent any potential damage or wear and tear on your UTV by hauling it enclosed only. Highway speeds and long travel times leave a vehicle in an open trailer exposed to all kinds of hazards, from flying gravel to falling tree limbs.

Storage Space

Would it be useful to have an enclosed space for storing the UTV between uses and off-season to prevent UV damage and weathering? When you choose an enclosed trailer, you're getting a free storage unit at the same time. Keeping the UTV stored in its trailer between uses also speeds up your takeoff time when a friend calls and invites you over for mudding or trail riding.

Extra Hauling

Whether you're a competition UTV driver or you just love using it to go further during a hunting trip, you likely pack along plenty of equipment, tools, and fuel to keep your vehicle in good shape. You can store all of these things in an open trailer, but it's possible for them to blow out as you go down the road. It's also much more tempting to thieves, and an open trailer offers very little protection against theft of small items that are hard to tie up or lock down. An enclosed trailer is also a useful storage space, both while the UTV is loaded up and while it's empty. You can even add shelves, cabinets, and more built into the trailer to organize everything and keep it from moving as you travel.

Increased Security

Speaking of security, the locking door of an enclosed trailer prevents UTV theft as well. The thief is better off stealing the entire trailer, and that's easy to address with locking trailer tongues, alarms on the hitch, and other advanced security features. If you don't advertise what's in the trailer, it's also less attractive in general to thieves who are looking for the biggest possible payoff for their theft. Everyone can see you're hauling a brand new UTV with an open trailer, but it's only your business what's inside an enclosed one.

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