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The Best Approaches To Avoiding Nissan Repair If You Want To Preserve The Vehicle

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There are people who buy cars to drive them, and then there are people who buy cars to collect them. Since those who love cars, like yourself, know that in twenty years today's cars will be antiques, you just buy this year's models and not drive them (or drive them very little). If you buy a Nissan, and you want to avoid most Nissan repair in order to preserve the vehicle for future posterity, here are some of the best approaches.

Not Driving It

This may be obvious, but the fastest way to car repairs is to drive the vehicle. Even if you drive the vehicle once a year, and only drive it to church for Christmas or some other short-range special occasion drive, you run the risk of a car accident and car repairs. Placing your vehicle showpieces in the garage and never driving them avoids all possibilities of car repairs.

Prevention and Maintenance

Maintenance not only keeps your prized vehicle collection in tip-top shape, but it also prevents the need for repairs. When you consistently maintain a vehicle you are preventing parts of the car from wearing down and breaking. To avoid any damage to the vehicles by taking them to a mechanic, you can either do the maintenance yourself or find a mechanic that is willing to do house calls.

Otherwise, keep everything oiled, greased, lubed, filled, charged, polished, waxed, and shined. Since your goal is to keep the vehicles showroom perfect, you have to do everything that the dealership and/or the manufacturer would do to keep that appearance. You probably already do this, but if you do not because you are a fairly new collector, that is what you need to do do.


Vehicle preservation on the same level as you hope to do means that you have to have the perfect storage. For perfect vehicle storage, you should not expose the vehicle to sunlight, temperatures above sixty-nine degrees, temperatures below fifty-nine degrees, ice, snow, insects, excessive humidty, or excessively dry conditions. All of these environmental factors can affect the original condition of the vehicles you have collected, resulting in the need for repairs. That means you need heated garages or storage units where there are no windows, bugs and pests are controlled, and humidity is a the perfect level for maintaining valuable items.

Washing the Vehicle

You do not want to wash your car collection too much, but you should wash them at least once or twice a year. Regardless of the fact that you are keeping them away from everything that could harm or damage them, dust will still collect because dust is everywhere. If you wash the vehicles yourself, you will preserve them and make note of anything unusual during the washing. If you take them to a car wash, you run the risks of car accidents, scratches from over-zealous car washers and equipment, and ineffective driers. It is safer and better for your collection to wash them where you store them.

Responding Immediately to All Recall Notices

Manufacturer recalls on vehicles do happen. If you get a notice for, say, Nissan repair because there was a noted issue with the engine, do not hesitate to respond to the recall. This does not mean you have to give the car back. It just means you have to take it to the nearest certified manufacturer's mechanic to have the recalled parts replaced. Then you can take the vehicle back to its own cozy little corner in storage and maintain it until it becomes a major collector's item or until you have to sell it.